Reborn of WAR MU server. GRAND OPEN 29/07/2022 -Begin a new journey together with us. Join the ranks of warriors and merchants on the MU Online server. Get the most out of the game!
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Guide for Beginners


Server short description:

  • Exp rate: x50
  • Drop rate: 10%
  • Season 4 MAX
  • Max Level: 400
  • Maximum MasterLevel: 250
  • Maximum Reset: 10
  • Maximum Grand Reset: unlimited
  • Max stats: 32767
  • NOT-PAY-TO-WIN Server!
  • 24/24 Events from 0 resets!

All new players get a free 24h Platium VIP! 

Summoner, Dark Lord and Magic Gladiator from level 1!


 Why our server?

  •  Balanced PvP and PvE for all characters.
  •  High online, with lively economy.
  •  Technical support from the administration 24/7. 
  •  Constant innovations and updates in the game and on the site.
  •  The server is built on the basis of: WARMU + Add-ons.
  •  Unique Events and features in-game, we assure you will not get bored!
  •  HardCore Server x50 with balanced donations, NOT-PAY-TO-WIN!
  •  The server is built on the basis of: WARMU + Add-ons.



 Rates and Start

  •  Lively economy! We will definitely appreciate zen, jewels and other game items.
  •  Game type - PvP (and search for unique items)



Frequent Asked Questions

  • What is the exp rate on server?

The server is x50.

  • Where to get jewels from?

Jewels drop with low rate on mob spots, BC/DS the jewels’ drop is twice more, also from quests and rena.

  • How to craft Wings?

The crafting system on our server is a bit different from the others. The % of crafting any wings is standard, please check the Chaos Machine Section on our site to acknowledge the % of crafting chaos Weapons, wings and condor feather!

  • What is the max reset/GR on the server?

Max reset on server is 10, however the amount of Grand Resets is unlimited.

  • Why should I make Grand Reset?

For GR the player receives 3500 for ELF/BK/SUM /4000 for MG/DL points + 3000 Wcoins (which worth 25$)

  • What is the server’s economy based on mainly?

The server’s economy is mainly based on Jewel of Chaos/Bless/Souls and Zen.

All those can be farmed in BC/DS quests and some Events.

  • Where does Loch’s Feather/ Crest drops?

Loch’s Feather/ Crest drops only on Icarus Map starting with level 92.

  • Where to get zen from?

Zen can be farmed anywhere on spots, however the drop rate is higher, also you receive a lot of zen from quests.

  • Where does Evil Spirit and Twisting Slash drop?

ES and TS drops from quests, as well as from mobs 52-68.

  • Is there VIP on the server?

Yes, we have 2 active VIP type accounts: Golden VIP – which can be obtained in game from VIP Golden Rabbits (291 min), and Platinum VIP account which can be obtained by donation in your account panel.

  • How to reset Character?

Press D, then arrow to the right >, find the Section «Reset»


Kind Regards, Administration MU ONLINE


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