RPG Mu Online server update!

1. Fixed gold medal drop - Dragon helm 2. Added new Boss - Golden Iron Knight 3. Golden Iron Knight - his drop can be seen on our info page 4. White Wizard - drop changed. 5. Skeleton King - drop has been changed. 6. Changed the time for the siege of the castle (you can see it on the website or at the Guard NPC) 7. Added the time of appearance on the site - Iron Knight (location - Noria, quantity - 2) 8. Dark Elf - the drop has been changed. 9. Added sections on the info page: • Red chocolat box (New) • Box of Kundun 1 (New) • Box of Kundun 2 (New) • Box of Kundun 3 (New) • Box of Kundun 4 (New) • Box of Kundun 5 (New) »DROP IN BOSS • Golden Iron Knight (New) • Skeleton King (New) • Red Dragon (New) • White Wizard (New) • Dark Elf (New) • Selupan (New) • Medusa (New)

P.S. We wish you a pleasant game. If you have questions or suggestions for improving the gameplay. write to us at DISCORD. We would love to hear from you!

Currently this is only one server.