RPG Mu Online server update WAR1.05 !

Updating buffs in the x shop. The parameters of buffs have been changed. And now there is a choice of purchasing for 1.5 and 30 days! New buffs work in test mode at the following locations: Crywolf and Trial. Each buff is described in the x shop. Their full work on the server will be as we restart the server. To do this, we are still finalizing several updates to update the server. The notification about the addition of the update will be posted in the header of the MU Online project. In order for your store to be updated, you need to close all windows of the game and start the server through the launcher. It will automatically replace files in your client.

P.S. We wish you a pleasant game. If you have questions or suggestions for improving the gameplay. write to us at DISCORD. We would love to hear from you!

Currently this is only one server.