Vip Sistem - It is possible to purchase a VIP on the server. A faster character level increase, a higher percentage of sharpening things for the chaos machine, bonus buffs and much more, you can check the bonuses on your character panel -

P.S. We wish you a pleasant game. If there are questions or suggestions to improve the gameplay. write to us in discord. We would love to hear from you!



We are glad to welcome you, dear MU ONLINE players. Our goal - is to provide you with the opportunity to prove yourself as a CONQUEROR and in DIPLOMACY. Only with joint help, as from our side and as well as from your side, the server can provide a long and exciting life. So let's plunge into the interesting world of war and diplomacy.

Sincerely, Server Administration

  • Dear project players! If you find a working cheat, you better write to the administration and provide it to add to the database and for this you will receive a reward. If you use it, you will be in the block list - 100% and in the future you will not be able to enter the mu. Many administrators have the same block list base !!!
  •  SUM - 150 LVL MG - 220 LVL DL - 250 LVL
  •  For a more comfortable game and without interfering with the balance of the server, there will be 5 - Waves of placing Donat items.
  •  All items in the store will be placed at the server level!
  •  Before starting the client, please visit the section: About the server.
  • Any contact with the administrator can be obtained in the messenger: Discord!
  • Please, be patient ! You will always get the answer to your questions!


 Why mu online ?

  •  Balance, that has shown itself at the highest level .
  •  300 quests, which will not let you get bored in the world of mu online.
  •  A qualitative project, that the team worked on.
  •  Live and tall online.
  •  Technical support from the administration 24/7.
  •   Constant innovations in the game and on the site.
  •   The server is built on the basis of: WARMU + Add-ons.



 Rates and Start

  •  Lively economy! We will definitely appreciate zen, jewels and other game items.
  •  Game type - PvP (and search for unique items)



Kind Regards, Administration MU ONLINE


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Currently this is only one server.